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“New Game!” second season announced

February 13, 2017

Following the “New Game! The Challenge Stage” Playstation game release earlier in January, an announcement was made at the “New Game!” fan appreciation event held this past Sunday that a second season of the anime based on Tokunou Shoutarou’s “ニューゲーム” manga is coming!

News of this sequel season was also confirmed on the anime’s official Twitter account. Am ecstatic to see this lovely slice-of-life comedy return. “New Game!” was an excellent series full of humour, and a style of slice-of-life anime that I personally adore, being all about cute girls doing cute things as they go about their daily lives. With the added bonus of featuring plenty of yuri innuendo too!


Should you visit the “New Game!” anime website on February 14th, you might just be lucky enough to also see a special Valentine’s day illustration of Hifumi that was also teased on the anime’s official Twitter account.

Absolutely adored the “New Game!” anime so can’t wait to see Aoba, Hifumi and the rest of the Eagle Jump crew again up to their usual silly shenanigans. Definitely recommend this lovely, breezy slice-of-life comedy to all.
You can watch the first season of “New Game!” on Crunchryoll.

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