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Akari Mizunashi figure arrives

May 1, 2017

When Good Smile Company announced last year that Wing would release a new figure of Akari Mizunashi from “Aria”, could not pass up the opportunity and ordered it as soon as reservations opened.

Although the figure was released earlier in April, my order from Hobby Search only arrived mere days ago. Considering there are but a few “Aria” figures made -especially by more renowned figure manufacturers- was thrilled to add this lovely figure of Akari to my humble collection.

If I were to fault Wing’s rendition of Akari anywhere it would be for its relatively small size, especially when compared to Good Smile Company’s figure of Alicia that was released back in 2007. Although the high base is an integral part of its overall aesthetic and unique look, I do wonder what it might have looked like if they had scaled up the figure and reduced the base height.

Luckily Akari’s pose inspired by the ‘Festa del Boccolo’ story is gorgeous, it has a lively, warm atmosphere reminiscent of summer. Also especially appreciate the soft, gentle facial expression they sculpted Akari with, which seems closer to her design in the original “Aria” manga.

Wish Good Smile Company would create more “Aria” figures in the future, but alas…

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