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Hunterson Magic Wallet

July 28, 2017

After years of use, my wallet was looking the worse for wear, it was time to replace it. Being an older design black leather men’s wallet, it definitely was sturdy but its classic layout was not optimised for cards and through daily abuse it unfortunately became one of those bulky wallets filled to the brim with receipts, notes and the like.

While there’s plenty of fun, interesting and moderately priced anime themed wallets available online, their quality usually leaves to be desired and their layout is surprisingly not modern at all. Hence, opted to look for a well-designed, modern slim wallet instead.

Looked at several interesting candidates, including Bellroy’s slim sleeve, the Skagen by Nordstrom and Ögon’s aluminium card case, but I opted for the Hunterson Magic Wallet in black leather with RFID protection.

Granted, there are plenty of resellers to be found online that offer the magic wallet or other slim wallet designs at much cheaper prices, but build quality and durability are a legitimate concern with those priced-down products. Preferred to get the genuine article from Hunterson instead with real leather and tough straps that should last.

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