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Kantoku C92 doujin ‘Plaid & Nude′

August 14, 2017

For this year’s summer Comiket event, the doujin circle ‘Afterschool of the 5th Year’ from artist Kantoku published a new book titled ‘Plaid & Nude’.

As the title might suggest, this particular doujin features Kantoku’s mascot characters in more daring and enticing illustrations, similar to those seen in the C89 book ‘Underwear Party’ and the Comic1☆10 book ‘Panty x Panty’, although it does not contain explicit images like those in the C80 doujin ‘Check Ero Mixed’.

One of the best illustrations in ‘Plaid & Nude’ is beyond any doubt this rendering of Kurumi, very erotic yet still with a certain innocence to it.
Labelled as a ‘plaid and nude fetish book’, seems Kantoku indulged once more in creating thrilling art of his mascot characters in suggestive situations.

Adore the various illustrations Kantoku created for this book, while they all have a clear erotic theme, they still showcase the artist’s excellent mastery of model poses, viewing angles as well as light & shadow as can be seen in the above illustration of Hiromi.
Of course Kantoku’s penchant for plaid and other check pattern clothing is prominently featured in most pages.

If I were to fault this newest book anywhere, it would be that personally am not wooed by the illustration of Akemi & Himeru included in it. While the girls are irresistibly cute as always, wonder if a more daring, interlocking pose between them might have had more impact.

The book also features a few pages of rough sketches as well as line art images, including the above page showcasing line art of the cover illustrations for Kantoku’s latest compilation art book ‘Pure’.

You can purchase the ‘Plaid & Nude’ doujin online at Toranoana.

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