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Dollfie Dream snapshots: Kyouko -2-

September 4, 2017

Just a quick photo of Dollfie Dream Kyouko taken earlier this summer using the light of the setting sun as it poured through the window blinds late in the evening. Have since removed those Venetian blinds during renovations so will need to look up clever alternatives to filter the sunlight when taking photos to get softer lighting or create more dynamic effects.

Purchased the white open shoulder ribbon shirt Kyouko is clad in from Nine9Style, while it does have a nice and breezy summer feeling to it thanks to its light fabric and design, am not that satisfied about the overall fit or its ribbons being sown on.


Would have preferred a version of this shirt made specifically to fit Dollie Dream, with real ribbons to tie. Still, do want to snap more photos of Kyouko in this outfit sometime soon considering she does look cute in it.

You can see more photos of my Dollfie Dream on Flickr.

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