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Blend S

October 13, 2017

Adapting the “ブレンド・S” four-panel comedy manga by Miyuki Nakayama into anime form, was keen on watching “Blend S” as its promotional material suggested it might be the type of workplace-centric comedy with oddball characters that I am fond of, like “Working!!” or “Servant x Service”.

If the first episode is a trendsetter, will undoubtedly love this show. Granted that the core plot premise is not entirely original, Maika is an innocent school girl starting her first part-time job at a cafe where the waitresses play a typical moe persona to appeal to customers. Nonetheless, the character chemistry seems excellent and especially lead character Maika’s typical Yamato nadeshiko archetype offset against the sadistic character she’s forced to portray is spot on.

While some may not be convinced by such a typical gap moe trope, it seems this show will execute it flawlessly, not only in Maika’s case but the first scenes featuring her colleagues Mafuyu and Kaho suggest they are well-balanced, with a convincing contrast between their actual personality and working persona in cafe ‘Stile’.
In fact, “Blend S” may use this as a core element of its appeal, yet somehow you get the feeling they also parody, even mock gap moe and the very nature of character themed series or maid cafe’s.

Visually the animation style used in “Blend S” is reminiscent overall of the look seen in “Working!!” and “Servant x Service”, which may come as no surprise considering studio A-1 Pictures created all three anime and some of the key staff working on “Blend S” was also involved in those other two workplace-centric comedies.

A fun side note for fans who relish in Maika’s sadistic work persona, one of the “Blend S” anime official website’s special pages is the calendar with audio messages from Maika as voiced by Waki Azumi. There you can listen to Maika verbally abusing you in a most rewarding in satisfactory manner for those who may have a penchant for being scolded by a sadistic loli.

If you like slice-of-life comedies set in the workplace filled with oddball characters that are a hoot to watch, or if you have a masochistic streak and are thrilled to be verbally assaulted by a cute sadistic loli, then I definitely recommend you give “Blend S” a try.
You can watch “Blend S” on Crunchyroll.

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