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Dollfie Dream snapshots: Kyouko -3-

October 16, 2017

Another photo of Kyouko, my Dollfie Dream custom DDH03 head on a DDS body type, clad in a white open shoulder shirt from Nine9Style, skirt from CoolCat and striped underwear set from Volks.

Contrary to the previous photos of Kyouko, this time opted to capture her using soft, indirect lighting on a cloudy day, did use a reflector to reduce some of the darkest shadows and bounce some light back onto her face as the natural light available came from windows on one side only.


While am not thrilled about the quality of the shirt, its thin fabric does lend itself perfectly for this type of more daring photos where one can just about discern the colourful underwear worn underneath.

You can see more Dollfie Dream images on my Flickr photostream.

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