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Kantoku C93 doujin ‘Girls Kiss′

January 5, 2018

After Kantoku and his circle ‘Afterschool of the 5th Year’ published the daring ‘Plaid & Nude’ doujin during this summer’s Comiket event, for the winter edition of Comiket it is are back to the style of the ‘Colors’ and ‘Confession of Love’ books with the new release ‘Girls Kiss’.

Most full colour images featured in ‘Girls Kiss’ are landscape format illustrations spread over two pages, befitting the detailed and oft enchanting backgrounds in these art works.

Alternating between subject close ups making the girls the centre of attention or having the characters depicted further back making the background stand out just as much, Kantoku displays terrific use of lighting as well as creating stunning landscapes.

Was surprised that ‘Girls Kiss’ did not feature any significant illustrations of Kantoku’s most used mascot characters Kurumi and Shizuku, luckily we do get illustrations of the cute twins Akemi & Himeru as well as other character like Nagisa and Kei.

Had lamented not being wooed by the illustration of Akemi & Himeru featured in Kantoku’s C92 book ‘Plaid & Nude’ so rejoiced seeing above image of the cute twins in a passionate embrace, this terrific art work is alluring yet also manages to express a cute, pure atmosphere.

The train station depicted in this illustration is 下灘駅 or Shimonada station, apparently a famous spot for tourists and photographers to visit with its scenic look.

While some of the illustrations in this doujin may be considered rather daring depending on your standards, they are much more benign than the ecchi tinted art seen in Kantoku’s Comiket works ‘Plaid & Nude’ or ‘Underwear Party’.

As usual for Kantoku’s doujin publications, the last few pages feature line art and rough sketches. Mentioning rough sketches, do like how they again include a small rendering of the original rough sketch of each large illustration in the left page of the two page spread.

You can purchase the ‘Girls Kiss’ doujin online at Toranoana.

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