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In this era of rapid evolution where the world wide web largely defines how we communicate and socialize, not only joined this vast network that connects us all through means such as Twitter, Flickr, and this blog.

With its name inspired from the song ‘Blue blue wave’ by Kaori, the opening for the “Aria The Natural ~Tooi Kioku no Mirage~” video game, I hope to accentuate an atmosphere reminiscent of “Aria”. Am quite the fan of this terrific manga and anime series by Kozue Amano, it has influenced me in my outlook on life and hope to reflect this with a blog that captures the relaxed, yet passionate and joyful atmosphere in “Aria”.

Keeping with the “Aria” theme, the blog banner features “Aria” character Atora Monteverdi, an undine from Orange Planet who, while she only appeared briefly in the manga and anime series, made quite an impression on me due to her lovely character design. So I decided to adopt her as the blog mascot or character image.

A life where each day is filled by living your passion, finding something worthwhile and fun in every moment, building your own happiness by gliding across the currents of this life doing what brings value to your own life and a smile to your face, be it in your professional career or your hobbies.
This I aspire to achieve, though it’s no easy task, for some days can be challenging, but series such as “Aria” and encounters with great people both on- and offline motivate me.

This blog will focus on my various interests and hobbies, being both a diary or sorts as well as a voice of my thoughts on anime, manga, figures, artworks and other elements of the anime otaku culture. But you will also find topics on Volks’ Dollfie Dream ball jointed dolls and photography, hobbies I picked up after the origination of this blog.

So we set off to continue our voyage, gliding along the currents while the undine skillfully steers our gondola towards the horizon. Let’s go!

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