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Queen’s Blade 9

May 28, 2009

Under dark skies where the moon offers only the palest of light, the night is very much alive. In the smithy of Cattleya, the large breasted weapons maker is still hard at work forging weapons.

Nearby, Ymir defeats a random foe in battle. Easily shattering her opponent’s sword, the proud princess is anxious to know where such cheap and crude weapons were made, for they cannot stand up to the weapons that dwarves create.

Ymir and Cattleya appear

Shortly after dawn, we meet Reina and Nanael heading over the mountains to the small village where Cattleya resides, as Reina wants to have her battered sword repaired.

True to their terrific bond, the wandering warrior and cheeky angel bicker the entire time, with Reina even purposely spilling the holy milk Nanael is supposed to keep safe.

Witnessing the heated exchange, Cattleya recognizes the sword Reina wields as one originally forged for Count Vance’s spouse, and she readily agrees to Reina’s request to repair the now brittle blade.

At the weapons shop, Cattleya’s young boy Rana is woken from his slumber by Echidna, who questions the boy on the whereabouts of the wandering warrior Reina.

Before the boy can reply, Ymir makes a grand entrance and demands to face Cattleya, the one rumored to make sturdy yet cheap weapons, intent on exposing them as inferior to her own battle axe, forged by the best dwarf weapon smiths.

Mistaking Echidna for Cattleya, Ymir challenges the elf but is soon terrorized when she spots Echidna’s snake. Thoroughly frightened by the slithering snake, Ymir runs off screaming.

Returning to the shop with Cattleya, Reina spots Echidna and though she vividly remembers what the elf put her through when they fought during their first encounter, both she and Echidna accept Cattleya’s hospitality and stay the night.
Over dinner, Reina seems envious of Cattleya’s apparent peaceful life and ponders on what her own fate will be.

Off on her own, Nanael visits a festival held in the village, indulging in many sweets while looking for a suitable liquid to refill the holy milk that spilled out of her vial.
The angel ends up spending the night in a nearby wind mill where she encounters Ymir. Looking for an opportunity to face Cattleya, the dwarven princess anxiously awaits until Echidna leaves the weapons smithy, for she dares not approach as long as Echidna’s snake may be around.

Ymir and Cattleya friends or foes

When the sun rises, Ymir spots Echidna leaving the smithy and soon scurries off to confront Cattleya, who’s opening the shop.
Hospitable as always, Cattleya welcomes the dwarf and it is apparent the two would get along great due to their common passion for well crafted weaponry, for they soon engage in an animated conversation about Ymir’s axe.

Remembering her misplaced goal, to determine which weapons are the best, those created by dwarves or those made by the busty weapons smith, the feisty Ymir challenges Cattleya to a duel.

Although reluctant at first, Cattleya has little choice but to defend herself and soon finds the simple spear she quickly grabbed inadequate to defend herself against the vivacious little dwarfs assault.

Afraid his mother may be injured, young Rana rushes to wake Reina, pleading the warrior to help his mother. Rushing to help, Reina fails to notice she is very much naked thanks to a sneak visit by Echidna that night, her lack of covering soon making the boy turn beet red.

Getting a hold of herself and her clothing, Reina recovers Cattleya’s giant sword from the smithy. Even though Cattleya is still reluctant to fight, Reina’s encouraging words and her son’s pleas change her mind and she takes up her giant sword to face Ymir.

Launching an attack with all her might, Ymir strikes her axe against Cattleya’s giant sword, but is soon blown into the air when the strong weapons maker thrusts the minute dwarf back.
Picking herself up, the feisty princess wants to launch another attack but sees her beloved battle axe broke in half, unable to withstand the strength of Cattleya’s massive blade.

Cattleya wins

With the battle decided, Cattleya and Ymir reconcile.

Glad that the feud between the weapon maker and dwarven princess is settled, Reina and Nanael soon take their leave, Reina’s sword reforged stronger than ever and an ecstatic Nanael receiving some milk from Cattleya.

Continuing on their journey, the wandering warrior can’t believe her eyes when she crosses a hilltop and spots Tomoe, Shizuka and Listy in the distance.

A nice episode this week, it didn’t particularly excel but it didn’t disappoint either.

I shan’t get into the sheer absurdity of Cattleya’s bust size, for it isn’t necessary as seeing it animated quickly proves to any viewer the impossible physics and downright silliness of it.
The first few scenes the unbelievable character design grated a bit, but I soon choose not to care or pay attention to it, which made the rest of the episode enjoyable.

Still remains a shame though as the battle between Ymir and Cattleya was really mired by the fact Cattleya is portrayed and animated with such a bosom that defies the laws of physics.
Surprisingly, they choose to only denude Cattleya while flat chested Ymir was spared any clothing malfunction.

Perhaps because the petite dwarf is a bit too much of a loli in appearance and could be seen as too young due to that?
Possibly, but that didn’t stop them to use every chance to display the feisty dwarf’s pantsu in full view. Reckon it’s a trade off to cater to fans of that particular taste.

Do like how this episode combined gathering a large part of the cast together and building ever so slightly on some character plot arcs while also not only introducing Ymir and Cattleya in a proper way, but wrapping up their arcs quite nicely.

Next episode, Reina meets up with Listy again!

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  1. Devastator001 permalink
    May 29, 2009 1:32 am

    Cattleya’s Boobs aside, it’s a good episode with a nice build up for the next. Ymir’s quite cute, pity she lost the match though (T~T). Although when Ymir laughs she kinda reminds me of Laharl from Disgaea. 😀

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