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Kämpfer 4

October 23, 2009

Absentmindedly gazing out the window back in the boys’ section of school now that he has returned back to his original form, Natsuru can’t stop thinking about Sakura’s declaration that she would make female Natsuru hers.

Overflowing with enthusiasm, Higashida tells Natsuru how he’s looking forward to the school festival, one of the rare yearly events where the girls and boys sides are allowed to mingle, especially since this year there will be a Miss Seitetsu Gakuin High contest!


Initially uninterested, Natsuru is surprised when Higashida says he hopes the three beauties of Seitetsu Gakuin will enter, showing a school newsletter where the female Natsuru is portrayed as the new beauty, next to Sakura and Sangou.

Wondering what in the world Sangou is scheming, Natsuru changes into Kämpfer form and barges into the student council office, demanding an explanation.

Explaining she merely wants to offer the students a lively school festival, Sangou feels that Natsuru’s participation is very much necessary, for she is the center of attention being the mysterious beauty who just transferred into school.
Reluctant, Natsuru says she will participate in the school festival but asks if there’s anything to make Sangou reconsider having her partake in the Miss contest.

With a sly smile, Sangou proposes an exchange, she will forfeit having Natsuru take part in the contest if in exchange Natsuru makes her feel good.
Soon, the student council president’s muffled cries of pleasure can be heard, her face ever so slightly blushing until she tells Natsuru that she’s putting in too much force in… massaging her shoulders.


Asking Sangou why she wanted to have her shoulders massaged as exchange condition, Natsuru listens to the student council president explain that regardless of position and appearances, she’s just a normal girl who wants to be able to have normal relationships but alas she was never good at speaking with others.

Berating Natsuru who had stopped massaging, she spurs the Kämpfer on to continue and Natsuru quickly resumes rubbing, lost in thought at Sangou’s earlier comments. Hearing Sangou state that she’s being quite daring to touch her there, Natsuru snaps out of her reverie to realize she’s actually touching Sangou’s bossom.

Pulling away, Natsuru asks if Sangou will allow her to drop out of having to take part in the Miss contest. Being asked to close her eyes, Natsuru obeys Sangou’s command but soon them again when she smells a subtle fragrance and the blue haired Kämpfer is shocked to see the student council president is leaning in to kiss her.

Wondering what Sangou is up to, Natsuru is initially confused at the student council president’s cryptic reply that it’s about time but soon understands when Akane barges in guns blazing.

Demanding an explanation, Akane doesn’t quite get Sangou’s meaning about an exchange but is quickly enraged when the student council president reveals Natsuru had fondled her breasts, causing an infuriated Akane to switch targets to Natsuru instead.
Heading back to class, Sangou says she looks forward to seeing Natsuru in the contest, after all she must have Natsuru pay back the damage Akane just caused.

Back home, Harakiri Tora and Seppuku Kuro Usagi find the whole set of events quite hilarious, causing them Natsuru’s wrath.
Since Natsuru has little choice but to participate in the contest, he wonders what he should do, like perhaps sign or such. Suggesting Natsuru gets some propper clothing and especially suitable female underwear first since she currently has none, Natsuru pleads with Akane to help shop for undergarments.


Meeting Akane on their next day off, Natsuru completely freezes up when they enter a lingerie shop, blushing beet red she leaves it up to Akane to find her a suitable brasserie. Poor Natsuru’s worries are far from over when Sangou appears, saying what a fortunate coincidence it is they’re running into each other like this.
Seeing Natsuru and Akane together, Sangou asks if they’re out on a date together but Akane’s gleeful reply that they are is subsequently crushed by Natsuru’s frantic excuses that they’re just out shopping.

Saying Sangou’s causing her much grief with having her participate in the Miss contest, Natsuru doesn’t know what to think when Sangou offers to help her shop.

Intervening, Akane says she will help Natsuru, but Sangou swiftly defeats Akane with the painfully accurate statement that she would be better suited to help Natsuru pick a suitable brasserie since he size is closer to Natsuru’s.
Not willing to admit defeat, Akane drags Natsuru into a fitting room to try on a bra, which turns out far too small for the well endowed Kämpfer.

Entering the fitting room with a larger brasserie for Natsuru to fit, Sangou suggests she’ll assist Natsuru to put it on and easily rebukes Natsuru’s claim she’ll handle it herself by asking the blue haired girl if she know show to properly put it, fit the cups and such, causing Natsuru to even blush at the sight of her own chest.

Saying she has little choice then but to explain Natsuru by showing her in detail, Sangou proceeds to take off her blouse, causing an obviously jealous Akane to start taking off her blouse as well, saying she will be the one to show Natsuru.

After shopping, Sangou asks what they shall do next, much to Akane and Natsuru’s shock for they had not anticipated the student council president would keep tagging along. Telling Natsuru she should rejoice, Sangou reveals she called Sakura to join them as well and they soon spot the energetic girl heading their way.


Heading to a Karaoke bar, Sakura says she’s looking forward to hear Natsuru sing, to which Sangou joins saying she’s curious to hear what cute singing voice Natsuru might have.
When Natsuru subsequently cowers in the corner saying she’s ashamed to sing, Sakura proposes they sing a duet together but Akane quickly intervenes saying she will be the one to sing a duet with Natsuru.

As both girls start arguing about whom should sing with Natsuru, Sangou proposes they all sing a solo song first and have Natsuru choose who sings the best and have a duet with her. Agreeing to the idea, Sakura and Akane are shocked when Sangou declares she’ll join in as well.

Each singing a song in turn, the girls soon surround Natsuru, asking whom she thought sung the best. Feeling helplessly cornered, Natsuru is unable to choose.

As Akane and Sangou leave the booth to use the restroom, Sakura swiftly approaches Natsuru, saying she was waiting for when they would finally be alone together and pleads with Natsuru to answer her earlier confession of love.
In a pinch, Natsuru’s situation gets even worse when her Kämpfer bracelet begins to glow, signaling an imminent transformation.

Running outside the karaoke booth, Natsuru holds onto the door to prevent Sakura pursuing her, the girl naturally thinking Natsuru is merely trying to run away to avoid answering her.
When Sangou appears asking what’s going on, Sakura shouts from behind the door that she demands answer from Natsuru who keeps on running away ever since she confessed her love. Begging Sangou to transform, the student council president saves Natsuru in the nick of time.

Things alas do not settle down, for Akane and Sakura start a feud about Sakura having confessed to Natsuru, since Akane feels wronged, being Natsuru’s partner.

Intent on having Natsuru’s heart, Sakura exclaims she’ll participate in the Miss contest to prove she’s worth of getting an answer from Natsuru by winning the contest. Hearing this, Akane retorts she too will participate and win the contest, to prove that she’s the one worthy to protect Natsuru.
Shocked by these bold declarations, Natsuru no longer knows what to think when even Sangou says she’ll participate as well.


What an hilarious episode! Looks like next week will be awesome as well with the school festival and miss contest.

While Sakura had obviously taken to the stage earlier to win Natsuru’s heart, this episode we see Akane explicitly stake her own claim as well and although implied, obviously Sangou’s schemes stem from her own interest in Natsuru.

Wasn’t too sure about Sangou’s character earlier on, but she was amazing this episode, just the right type of scheming student council president character who expertly leads on Natsuru and her dry wit turns the Kämpfer into putty in her hands.
Although at times Natsuru was still a bit too airheaded about some things, like Akane’s obvious crush on her, do like that Sangou’s interest is implied to partially have grown from the fact Natsuru treats her normally.

Surely Natsuru’s airheadedness makes her much like any generic harem anime lead but sometimes it seems they ham it up when it suits the scenes at hand.

Loved the episode, really do prefer this type of suggestive ecchi, humor and verbal banter instead of all out explicit scenes and imagery like say in “Queen’s Blade”.

Adore Akane, but Sangou’s climbed up my appreciation scale too after this episode, though both Sangou and Sakura didn’t stand a chance against Akane in the karaoke singing match. Yui Horie’s sweet voice won it hands down.

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  1. Necross permalink
    October 24, 2009 1:33 am

    Oh man I loved this episode. Natsuru was just priceless in this one, which reminds me, he gets more action by girls as a girl than he does as a guy. Normal high school guy -> Goddess of Beauty.

  2. Demonie permalink
    December 6, 2009 6:58 am

    Ey. Do you know what’s the song Shizuku sang in this ep? O.o

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