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Dog Days”

January 23, 2015

Although “Dog Days” is an anime that does not particularly excel in any aspect, its first two seasons always provided solid entertainment, each episode filled with a varied mix of comedy, action, fan service, the occasional obligatory ecchi scene and of course lots of irresistibly cute kemonomimi girls.

Hence could not omit adding its third season “Dog Days”” to my winter anime watch list for a healthy weekly dose of light, fluffy entertainment. Quite enjoyed the first few episodes and am glad to see such an unpretentious, silly but nonetheless nice show return.


Find it hard to label the Dog Days franchise by using only one genre, its core plot of humans travelling to an alternate realm filled with magic does make it a fantasy series, but the action -while entertaining- is never that serious and the outcome of the heroes winning without so much as a scratch is always clear.

Although his romantic pairing to Milhiore is undeniable, there is a definite harem subplot with several other girls vying for Cinque’s attention. The frequent fan service too is undeniable, be it with the occasional ecchi scene or more so by bombarding the viewer with lots of cute kemonomimi girls.
If you would fault this show for anything, it would be for its rather uninventive character names.

Suspect that most viewers would enjoy this show, as long as you watch with the proper expectations which for “Dog Days”” ideally would be that you are looking for a fun but otherwise unremarkable anime.

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