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July 6, 2015

やーまーだー!!! What joy to finally return to Wagnaria, that quaint Japanese family restaurant with its friendly staff of quirky and oddball characters who never fail to entertain with their crazy shenanigans or the hilarious situations they often end up in.

“Working!!!” is the third season of the anime based on the four panel manga by Karino Takatsu who also created “Servant x Service”, another workplace-centric comedy.
Am curious how much material from the manga this third season will cover as the manga was completed last year after thirteen volumes. Must admit am somewhat apprehensive that this may be the final anime season of “Working!!”.

Much like “Servant x Service”, “Working!!” is an excellent slice-of-life comedy that revolves around the hilarious situations that arise when a group of quirky people come together in the workplace. What makes both shows so funny is that the comedy isn’t too far-fetched but a great mix of silly situations, misunderstandings, and over the top gags that never fail to hit the mark.


Continuing more or less where the previous season left off, the opening episode of this third season was terrific. Was happy to see that studio A-1 Pictures is producing this season too, meaning the animation style, character designs and even the voice talents are the same.

Do hope we will get lots of Maya and Kotori-chan this season! I’ve always had a weak spot for Maya who desperately tries to be Wagnaria’s most normal employee but ends up being just as weird as her coworkers. Of course, cannot resist wanting more Kotori-chan focused episodes as cross-dressing Takanashi and the ensuing hijinks are just too hilarious to ignore.

Have no doubt that “Working!!!” will be my favorite anime of the summer season along with “Non Non Biyori Repeat”. If you like slice-of-life series and want to have fun watching crazy workplace related shenanigans, then you definitely should check out “Working!!!”, though would advise to watch the first two seasons before starting this third one.

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