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Tamayura ~Graduation Photos~ Part 3

March 22, 2016

Only recently watched part three of “Tamayura ~Graduation Photos~”. Perhaps that may seem odd, considering I had been looking forward to this third installment just as I am looking forward to the final movie, but am also apprehensive about its release as it will mark the end of “Tamayura”, a saddening thought.

Where the previous movie was all about Norie and Kaoru, first half of this third chapter focused on Maon and the second half on Fuu. Was surprised that Fuu took center stage again, but am pleased how they built up to a powerful ending, with lots of emotion portrayed in a believable, realistic manner.

Especially considering I felt let down by the first half that dealt with Maon’s struggle to decide her future. Although it began well, portraying Maon and her parents as believable characters facing the burden of tackling Maon’s future, its resolution left much to be desired as it degenerated into a comedy skit.


Maon’s character deserved more than having the subplot of deciding her future studies and career end on a comedic note, the burden of continuing her parents legacy by taking over the inn held more potential than what the show ultimately used it for.

Luckily the part focused on Fuu made up for that weaker first half as it featured some of this franchise’s main character development and scenes with powerful emotions, they slowly built up to a climax that was perfectly executed with lots of tears, but devoid of any melodrama.

They rendered Fuu’s character well throughout this entire series, capturing the image of a young girl’s fragile heart, burdened by the loss of her beloved father, and in a believable way portray her despair at the frightening prospect of growing up, realizing loss will be an inevitable part of her life and that the cherished time with her friends will end.

Am keen to watch the fourth “Tamayura ~Graduation Photos~” movie and hope it will be a worthy finale of this terrific slice-of-life franchise.

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