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Kantoku Comic1☆10 doujin ‘Panty x Panty′

May 6, 2016

For the Comic1☆10 event held his past weekend, artist Kantoku from “Afterschool of the 5th Year” released a new doujin titled ‘Panty x Panty′.

Contrary to Kantoku’s ‘Tachiyomi Senyou′ volumes, this new ‘Panty x Panty’ book is more akin to the ‘Check x Check’ or ‘Check in Summer’ style books where the illustrations focus on a specific clothing style, fashion or theme. As the title suggests, this new doujin is all about underwear, although check patterns are never far off with this artist.


The cover illustration of these two green eyed cuties is quite lovely, wonder if they are sisters, twins?
Might Kantoku add them as new mascot characters next to Kurumi, Shizuku and the others?

What really got me interested in seeing more artwork of these two girls though is this gorgeous and very seductive full page illustration by Kantoku showing them share a sweet kiss. It is well drawn, boasts good composition, with excellent use of shadows and lighting, I also appreciate the balance between passion and innocence in their pose.


As a yuri aficionado I sincerely hope Kantoku will create more art of these two cuties portrayed in similarly suggestive scenarios.

While the first section of this doujin features a few full page color illustrations and several pages composed of multiple smaller, commented illustrations showcasing various underwear styles, the final pages contain black & white line art images as usual.


A nice reference to recent memes that were quite popular in the Japanese online community, Kantoku included illustrations of his mascot girls showcasing the keyhole sweater as well as the cat lingerie.

The image of Kurumi in the keyhole sweater is lovely, but Shizuku in the cat lingerie is simply irresistible, making me wish there would be a full page spread of this illustration of her. Kantoku tweaked Shizuku’s design these past years, drawing her with longer hair, making her look more mature.


You can purchase Kantoku’s ‘Panty x Panty’ doujin at Toranoana.

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