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October 10, 2016

Adapting the web version of the “Working!!” manga by Takatsu Karino into anime form, the new “WWW.Working!!” series is not a direct sequel of the previous shows of this franchise as its story takes place in a different branch of the ‘Wagnaria’ restaurant chain.

Although the show features a different cast compared to the previous “Working!!” anime, the setting is near identical as both are workplace-centric comedies built on the silly shenanigans and incredulous behaviour by its cast of oddball characters.

While there are spin-off or indirect sequel anime who have successfully applied the same formula as their predecessors, a good example being last season’s “Love Live! Sunshine!!”, am unsure that “WWW.Working!!” will be able to pull off being an excellent comedy like the original.
Also, whereas the “Servant x Service” anime felt like a refreshing variation of the core elements used in “Working!!”, considering both original manga are by Takatsu Karino, so far “WWW.Working!!” feels more like an uninspired and possibly failed clone.


The third and final season of the “Working!!” anime adaptation already felt like it was needlessly dragged out, such that most of its humour felt overused, uninspired and the show’s characters and their interaction which had originally been this franchise its strong suit in terms of slapstick comedy began to increasingly fail in properly entertaining the viewer.

Am apprehensive about “WWW.Working!!” exactly because its characters feel like shallow templates made of a mix and match of the quirky personality traits from the original its characters. For example Hana seems like an uninventive combination of Poplar and Mahiru, definitely so with her habit of hitting people, a trait that feels like a lazy copy and paste causing her vastly different behaviour to feel off and inconsistent.

Will keep on watching this series for now, but considering it has failed to impress me and seems as if it will not live up to its predecessor, its is likely I’ll drop it the coming weeks.
You can watch “WWW.Working!!” on Crunchyroll.

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