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“Yama no Susume” OVA and third season announced

June 5, 2017

Spotted news online that the official website for the “Yama no Susume” anime adaptation of the “ヤマノススメ” slice-of-life manga by Shiro, announced that not only will a new OVA titled “Yama no Susume: Omoide Present” be released during the fall of 2017, but that a third season of the anime is set to air in 2018!

Am absolutely thrilled, not only will we get an OVA, but a full new season of this superb slice-of-life anime. Adored the earlier two anime adaptations of which the first season was made up of thirteen short four minute episodes, while the second season was a two cour show of fifteen minute long episodes.

Am also glad they confirmed that the staff and voice cast who worked on the previous two seasons will return to work on the OVA and the third anime season.

Those of you who like leisurely slice-of-life anime all about cute girls doing cute things or building lasting friendships, like “Non Non Biyori”, “Yuyushiki”, “One Off” or “Amanchu!”, I wholeheartedly recommend you try “Yama no Susume”, am certain you will love it!

You can watch the first and second seasons of “Yama no Susume” as “Encouragement of Climb” on Crunchryoll.

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