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August 15, 2014

After last season’s “Nagi no Asukara”, studio PA Works returns with another original anime project titled “グラスリップ”. In what seems to increasingly become their trademark production style, “Glasslip” is a romantic drama with some slice-of-life elements set in a small town offering plenty of enchanting backgrounds.

Must confess have one major regret about “Glasslip”, this even though the series is nowhere near finished and it is unsure how good the show will have been when all is said and done at the end of the season, but I do feel that the studio is not bringing out the full potential of “Glasslip”.


Considering PA Works brought us a memorable romantic drama with “True Tears” and an endearing slice-of-life show with believable teen romance in “Hanasaku Iroha”, personally believe they should have kept “Glasslip” realistic and entirely omit the supernatural plot element of Kakeru hearing voices and Touko seeing fragments of the future.

Although these plot items are used to bring Touko and Kakeru together as well as serve as a catalyst for Touko’s inner turmoil, they are a cheap plot gimmick where the writers could have used more realistic scenarios instead. Omitting those elements, they could have made “Glasslip” an enthralling romantic drama.
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Working!! third season announced

August 13, 2014

Read some excellent news, at the recently held “Working!!” and “Servant x Service” summer festa crossover event it was revealed that production for a third season of “Working!!”, the anime adaptation of the four panel style manga by Karino Takatsu, has been green-lit!

Adored both seasons of the “Working!!” anime, it is an outstanding slice-of-life styled comedy about a group of quirky characters and their daily life working together at a family restaurant.


With its mix of oddball characters ending up in crazy situations, each episode of “Working!!” is full of laughs. Cannot deny though that the comedy highlight of this show for me are the trap shenanigans with the irresistibly cute Kotori-chan!

Can’t wait for this third season and hope that it will come soon in 2015. If we could get a second season of “Servant x Service” in the near future as well, that would be lovely!

Suppose though that a Kotori-chan spin-off anime will forever be a delusional fantasy?


August 11, 2014

Initially had not planned on watching “Jinsei”, the anime adaptation of the light novel series “人生 – La Bonne Vie” written by Kawagashi Ougyo, but after reading good comments about this show from fellow anime fans, decided to give this comedy a try.

The comedy style and main premise reminded me somewhat of “GJ-bu”, although that may be an association made simply because the opening scene of “Jinsei” features a figure of Mao from “GJ-bu”.


Must confess am not entirely sure whether to keep on watching “Jinsei” or not. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the first three episodes, I did not enjoy the fourth and fifth episodes as much.

Those episodes shifted focus to the feud of the life counseling group with the competing journalism club and featured a more absurd comedy style like “D-Frag!” which for me clashed too much with the style of the earlier episodes.

Preferred the style of the opening episodes of “Jinsei” which revolved entirely on the four main characters and their life counseling section work.
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Non Non Biyori OAD

August 1, 2014

Really loved the first season of “Non Non Biyori”, so am anxiously waiting for the second season of this lovely slice-of-life anime to air. Luckily, the seventh volume of the “のんのんびより” manga which was released just last month, came with an original anime DVD episode.

Studio Silver Link who created the first season of “Non Non Biyori” also produced this OAD, along with it using the same opening and ending themes and all voice talents reprising their roles, there is no difference in style or quality with the first season. Its story of the entire gang going on a trip to Okinawa after winning tickets in a raffle easily follows on the events of the first season too.


Even though the OAD is a bit shorter than the usual episode running time, it nonetheless felt like it was filled to the brim and the various scenes showcasing the girls getting ready for their trip seamlessly flowed into each other and perfectly captured the leisurely slice-of-life atmosphere typical for this series.

Adored this OAD episode, it was great to see all the characters back again up to their usual antics and it really makes me look forward to the second season.
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Tsurugi Yagami figure arrives

July 28, 2014

When Max Factory’s scaled figure incarnation of Tsurugi Yagami from “Sasami-san@Ganbaranai” became available for reservation on the Good Smile Online Shop earlier in March, decided she was too cute to pass up on and ordered her.

Even though the parcel had already shipped out from the Good Smile Online Shop on July 18, the figure only arrived on my doorstep today as the package was withheld by customs.


Luckily this figure is well worth the wait as she’s simply adorable, the gaming pose and facial expression perfectly capture Tsurugi’s playful character. As usual for Max Factory products, the quality and finish of the figure are impeccable.

Although it could be considered a somewhat plain figure since it lacks an elaborate costume or accessories, several small details give it just that little bit extra, like the sculpting of her toes, complete with painted toenails. Was surprised to discover that the legs can actually be detached, allowing you to remove the green shorts if you should desire to pose Tsurugi in her pantsu instead.

If you would like to purchase this figure of Tsurugi Yagami, it is currently available at Ami Ami, Hobby Search and Archonia.


July 25, 2014

Noticed this slice-of-life series in the summer anime line-up and although originally opted not to add it to my weekly anime schedule, quickly reversed that decision after watching the first episode.

Adapted from the “ばらかもん” manga by Yoshino Satsuki, “Barakamon” is a delightful slice-of-life comedy full of life and joy, following a young, hot-headed calligrapher’s journey of learning and self-discovery during his time living on one of the Gotou islands near Kyushu, Japan.


While main protagonist Seishuu’s turmoils as a calligrapher may at first sound rather foreign for those not immersed into creative art as a profession, was nonetheless able to somewhat relate to his struggles, even if he may be a rather generic main lead in some aspects.

The same goes for the other characters, while they may not be really novel or refreshing characters, the show’s overall atmosphere and perfect balance between comedy and heartwarming slice-of-life moments make them very likable. One can’t help to gleefully follow them into this journey of the simple, yet colorful daily life on this island.
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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!

July 21, 2014

A magical girl action comedy based on Type Moon’s ‘Fate’ universe, the manga“Fate/kaleid liner プリズマ☆イリヤ” by Hiroyama Hiroshi already spawned an anime adaptation last summer. Its sequel manga “Fate/kaleid liner プリズマ☆イリヤツヴァイ!” now gets its own anime adaptation with “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!”.

Really enjoyed the first season of this show which takes known characters and elements from Type Moon’s ‘Fate’ universe and puts them in a magical girl genre setting, leading to a fun and entertaining series that is more lighthearted than the usual ‘Fate’ stories and feels akin to the classic “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha”.


Joining the cast of characters for this second season is Kuro, a darker version of Illya who mysteriously appears when the magical girl summoned all her powers. Swiftly going after Illya apparently intent on taking the girl’s life, who is Kuro really and what is her true goal?

Even though Kuro seems to be after Illya’s life, there’s no doubt that this sequel will be a lighthearted comedy overall and feature only a few dramatic scenes or desperate battles where a positive outcome is never in doubt. There will also be plenty of shoujo-ai shenanigans, the second episode even featured a rather bold kiss between Kuro and Miyu.
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