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Candy☆Boy 7

May 8, 2009

Waiting outside the cake shop where Yukino is working part time, Kanade is lost in thought, feeling lonesome as if her beloved sister is not a few yards from her but rather hundreds of miles away, and she wonders how they got like this.

Not long before, when Kanade had revealed she wanted to attend the art lab organized by her teacher during spring break because she can not afford an expensive cramming school, Yukino said she would get a part time job to help Kanade pay for the extra classes.

Trouble between the sisters

Kanade had sternly objected because not only did she not want to burden Yukino but she felt it would make them both be so busy they would hardly be able to spend any time together.
The two sisters disagreed and even though Yukino tried her best to diffuse the situation, their relationship became more tense.

A few days later, while staying late in art class, Kanade received a call from Yukino to hear that Yukino took on a part time job after all.

Feeling the distance between them increase as they’re able to spend less time together, Kanade reminisces on the past when they were both still in middle school and Yukino announced she’d follow Kanade to Tokyo so they could always be together.

Coming back to their dorm after school, Kanade and Yukino are greeted by Shizuka. much to their surprise. Because her sisters couldn’t fly back home during spring break due to Kanade’s additional art classes, Shizuka decided to fly out to them instead.
While Yukino is simply ecstatic to see their cute younger sister, Kanade is worried sick, wondering about the girl traveling alone and being away from school.

Because Shizuka doesn’t have any money for a hotel or other lodgings, she stays with Kanade and Yukino in their dorm room, occupying the top bunk bed.
Observing the twin sisters sharing the same bed, Shizuka wants to join in but the bed is just too small to fit all three of them, when Kanade the offers to share the top bed with Shizuka, she has to contend with Yukino throwing a playful tantrum about it.

Always together

Spying Kanade and Yukino are accompanied by their younger sister Shizuka, Saku dares not approach them and keeps her distance, stalking the girls from afar while snapping away with her digital camera.
When Kanade gives Saku some sweets later at school, Saku first acts silly but then suddenly becomes composed and says she wants Kanade to make up with Yukino. Kanade is surprised at Saku’s sudden request, more so that the girl has seen right through them.

Getting back to their dorm room while Yukino is off to her part time job, Kanade is confronted by Shizuka, who discovered the leaflet for the art cramming school Kanade had initially wanted to attend but can’t afford.
Kanade gets scolded by her younger sister for dragging Yukino along selfishly like that without considering Yukino’s feelings.

Motivated by Shizuka, Kanade heads out and meets Yukino as she gets off from her part time job. The two sisters head to a quiet spot in the part and share some sweets, Kanade apologizes and says she’ll talk to Yukino more again from now and that they’ll decide on things together.

Taking advantage of Kanade’s observation that she smudged some pastry filling on the corner of her mouth, Yukino asks Kanade to get it for her.
Hesitant at first, Kanade closes in and licks the sweet filling from Yukino’s lips, much to her sister’s shock.

Kanade and Yukino make up with a kiss

As their third and final year in college starts, Kanade and Yukino move into their new dorm room, the twin sisters share a bed as always and their loving days together continue.

So this was the last episode? Not entirely!

While this seventh “Candy☆Boy” episode does wrap up the subplot of the woes between the two sisters, nothing shocking really happened as thanks to Shizuka, Kanade and Yukino make up and their relationship remains the same as before, with the twins being as inseparable as ever.

Plus, we’ll get an eight episode as the official “Candy☆Boy” website has announced the release of the second DVD volume which will include an extra episode.

Scheduled for release on June 24, the second DVD volume will come in two versions, a ‘Lovely version’ and a ‘Friendly version’, each including episode eight as well as an extra DJCD.
Both can already be pre-ordered at Amazon Japan.

So while nothing dramatic happened, they closed off the regular online broadcasts with an excellent episode that has that typical “Candy☆Boy” mix of comedy, light drama, realism and the sublime romance between Kanade and Yukino.

You can watch this seventh episode on Nico Nico Douga’s “Candy☆Boy” channel.

I really would have liked to see a full on kiss between Kanade and Yukino though. Maybe in the upcoming DVD episode? I can only hope~

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  1. TRL permalink
    May 10, 2009 9:43 am

    8th episode o_o. Will it be a brand new episode or u mean the extra episode that were aired a while ago?

  2. Smithy permalink*
    May 10, 2009 11:05 am

    As far as I can deduce from the official site it looks like a brand new additional episode since it’s marked as ‘episode 8’.


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