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K-ON! 13 extra

June 28, 2009
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On a cold winter day, long before the school festival, the light music club girls each walk to school.

Waiting for her train to arrive, Tsumugi shudders from the cold. Crossing a bridge, Azusa spots a cat sitting near the road and tries to pet it, but is startled when it hisses at her. Walking a bit lethargically, Ritsu keeps looking around her, as if expecting to see someone. Energetic as always, Yui happily hums a tune as she bristly walks, accompanied by her younger sister Ui.

The K-ON! girls on a cold winter day

Meeting her friends in the music room after class, Yui comments about the cold weather, even keeping her muffler on indoors. Soon up to her usual antics with Ritsu, both girls teasingly warm their chilled hands on each other’s cheeks, much to the amusement of their friends.

Trying to play guitar with her winter gloves on, Yui is disappointed when it proves impossible to do, she’s barely even able to hold onto her guitar pick.

Feeling such cold winter days call for a nice nabe (or nabemono, なべ物), Yui invites her friends to come over to her place the next Sunday to have a nabe party, but everyone seems to have made other plans already.
Walking home after practice, everyone eventually goes their own way.

When Sunday arrives, the girls all go about their plans.

Before heading out with her little brother to watch a movie, Ritsu goes out to check their mailbox. Since she’s not wearing her hairband, her long bangs move about freely as she looks around her.

Having promised to baby-sit a classmate’s kitten, Azusa is a bit uncertain how to care for it and uneasily waves a cat teaser at the kitty.

Her heart beating with excitement, Tsumugi starts her first day working at a fast food restaurant.

Mio hops on a train headed for the coast, hoping to find inspiration on the desolate winter beaches to write new song material.

Ritsu with her hair down Mugi works Azunyan plays Mio travels

Grabbing a letter from her bag, Ritsu goes over it, reading romantic lines from an anonymous writer, including one about seeing her with her hair down, flowing freely. Putting on some hair gel, Ritsu tries to sort her bangs but ends up grabbing her hairband anyway as she rushes out with her brother.

Still uncertain in her role as chaperon, Azusa pets the little kitten that settled down on her lap to sleep, nicknaming it Azunyan two.

Serving her first customers, Tsumugi is delighted at all the wondrous things she’s discovering and learning.

Fighting strong gusts of wind blowing in from the sea, Mio walks across the beach, decided on creating new music for their club.

Shopping at the convenience store with Ui, Yui thinks it’s a shame her friends can’t join them for a nabe so suggests to her younger sister they try something new like a marshmallow milk nabe or chocolate curry nabe.
Realistic as always, Ui tries to dissuade her sister of the silly idea and cleverly deflects her attention by suggesting they buy some strawberry milk.

Unable to find any inspiration to write new songs, Mio laments her choice and wishes she’d joined Yui for that nabe.

Heading home after the movie, Ritsu thinks about the anonymous letter she received. Convinced it’s a love letter, she ponders who could have sent it to her.

Mixing up a customer’s order, Tsumugi is distressed and in her haste, she spills a beverage on one of her colleagues. Although common mistakes for a beginner, Tsumugi retreats to the employee lounge in tears, wondering if she’ll be able to pull through.

Jolted from her nap, Azusa panics when she sees the kitten is coughing loudly, the twin tailed girl fears it has trouble breathing.

Ritsu with her hair down Mugi works Azunyan plays Mio travels

All four girls then receive a text message from Yui, asking them which they would prefer to try, a marshmallow milk nabe or a chocolate curry nabe?
While Mio and Ritsu simply wonder about the odd question, it manages to cheer up Tsumugi.

Curious why none of her friends reply, Yui receives a call from a Azusa who pleads her senpai for help as she’s lost what to do about the kitten that seems to be in distress.

Heading to Azusa’s house, Yui and Ui are able to reassure their friend, for the kitten was simply coughing up hairballs and is quite alright. Cheering up her cherished Azunyan, Yui feeds the twin tailed girl a marshmallow.

Receiving a text message back from Tsumugi, the girls are startled to read their friend took up a part time job so they all end up meeting at the fast food restaurant.

While chatting, Mio says she was unable to write anything and asks Ritsu what she though about the lyrics she had dropped in her mailbox the other day. Realizing the paper she found wasn’t a love letter directed at her but Mio’s lyrics suggestion, Ritsu is both relieved and embarrassed.

The next day at the music club, Mio squeals when she picks up her cold guitar. Enamored by the cute squeal the shy bass player made, Yui begs Mio to do it again.

Wondering if Tsumugi is able to handle the cold while playing her keyboard, the girls are awed when they touch Tsumugi’s hands and discover they’re very warm.
Although embarrassed at first, even Azusa feels Tsumugi’s warm hands, prompting the others to comment about the twin tailed guitar player’s cute small hands.

Lamenting her own large and cold hands, Mio is cheered up by Yui who says such cold hands must mean she has a warm heart. Hearing this, Tsumugi thinks she must have a cold heart then instead, luckily Yui quickly flashes a smile to comfort her and says Tsumugi is warm all throughout.

And so happy times at the keion-bu continue.

Azusa calls her beloved Yui senpai who comes to her rescue

This extra episode was terrific! Absolutely a slice-of-life genre episode, it focused on all the light music club girls, showing us their typical character traits while they all have their own cute side story.
Fitting, all their paths end up meeting and the girls come together again to have a good time.

While it certainly had enough humor, this episode was really more heartwarming and all about the girls’ friendship and individual growth, an excellent episode at that.

Having seen it, can only agree it was best to air this ‘extra’ episode as final one in the series run instead of saving the last episode in the timeline (that we saw last week) as the last one to air.

By picking up in the middle of the story and showing us tales of the girls’ typical antics, it’s a much more comforting end for the series run, leaving fans with a different sensation.
A feeling that the story isn’t really over but that the fun days of the けいおんgirls go on.

Also striking about this episode is that it not only gave each girl her moment in the spotlights, it really showed everyone’s cutest side, even Ritsu and Tsumugi never looked cuter and more endearing, Yui, Mio and Azusa were as usual, simply to die for. かわいい!

As such, glad they ended with such a nice episode, I will miss these girls and their antics…
Now to hope that “K-ON!” is licensed soon and sees a good DVD or Blu Ray release.

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  1. choco permalink
    June 30, 2009 4:05 am

    I’m a Mio and Mugi fan. But. Ritsu with her hair down was absolutely AMAZING<3

  2. July 5, 2009 9:44 am

    @choco: I coulda sworn that was Yui… until she puts on the headband again XD

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