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Yoko’s autumn forest walk

November 28, 2011

In the previous post showed photos of the autumn scenery taken during a day out to the arboretum in Tervuren, now on to share some images of Dollfie Dream Yoko in that same autumn landscape.

While it was an enjoyable day with good weather, the skies were a bit overcast so had less bright rays of sunlight to work with, but this also means that the overall lighting atmosphere was very soft.

Yoko enjoying the autumn landscape

Found this terrific open spot in one of the more elevated areas of the forest where the ground was completely covered with fallen leaves, a few logs with some moss on them provided a perfect sitting structure to pose Yoko.

Taking a peek

Further down the same path saw a tree whose location and trunk shape worked out great to position Yoko as if she were taking a peek from behind the tree.

Enjoying the autumn landscape

Hoping to achieve a suitable photo result, worked with slight variations of Yoko’s pose as well as the camera angle and orientation. Am still a learner when it comes to photography so tried to keep the rule of thirds in mind and not always center Yoko in the frame.

Yoko's autumn walk

Below photo was not taken in the arboretum in Tervuren like the above ones, but in the forest of Heverlee during a later trip. Only made a few quick captures of Yoko that day in Heverlee so decided to include with the rest here.

Leaning against a tree

Next time, will have some photos of DD Kyouko midst the fall forest scenery.

You can see more of my Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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