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Tamayura ~hitotose~ second season announced

March 25, 2012


Am overjoyed that the official Tamayura website announced the “Tamayura ~hitotose~” television series will get a second season.

Simply adore the original “Tamayura” OVA from 2010, really liked how the television adaptation “Tamayura ~hitotose~” which aired recently wasn’t a mere retelling or sequel, but seamlessly integrated into the timeline of the events seen in the OVA.


Reading Yi’s review of “たまゆら~ひととせ~” earlier today at Listless Ink, was wistfully thinking how much I long to see more of Fuu & her friends in that wonderful, enchanting world.
まるで、夢みたい。Like a dream… or a wish coming true?

Absolutely love this show. While it was forgettable, it is also definitely unforgettable. While nothing of significance happens in it, even the smallest event of those girls’ daily lives nonetheless holds great significance.

Can’t wait to see the second season!

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  1. March 26, 2012 8:54 am

    This is super exciting news!! I loved the sincere, fluffy world of Tamayura. I can’t wait to see more Fu, Kaoru, Norie, and especially Maon again. ^ ^

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