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Tsukiko & the evening sun

November 24, 2012

Recently added more photos of Tsukiko on Flickr, in fact have even more sets of her ready to be uploaded. A Saber Alter 2nd version, she quickly became one of my favorite Dollfie Dream to capture in front of the lens.

As I’m more fond of using natural lighting, sought out an autumn day with perfect weather where a cloudless sky would enable vibrant rays of light to pour in near sunset, creating warm lighting with deep shadows.

* Tsukiko *

Snapped these photos of Tsukiko in two separate locations, including a room that’s a favorite spot during most seasons thanks to the Venetian blinds that create great shadow play during sunset.

* Tsukiko *

Though really love this summer season look on Tsukiko and have tried other light outfits on her, need to find a good winter outfit or fashion to try on her.

White haze

After the sun was hidden from view behind the neighborhood houses, still had enough light to capture a few softer images of Tsukiko. Decided to apply a preset in Adobe Lightroom which adds what looks like white haze, a perfect match for the Volks white skin body.

Tsukiko & the evening sun

Due to the angle of the setting sun entering the window, could position Tsukiko such that a dark shadow filled much of the frame, creating a stark contrast.
As you can tell from the shadow creeping up when comparing both photos, the sun sets fast in autumn, especially when you’re busy snapping photos.

Tsukiko & the evening sun

Will have some photos of Shizuko or Yoko for you next time, hope you look forward to it!

You can always see my other Dollfie Dream photography on Flickr.

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