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Good Smile Company at Made in Asia 6

March 26, 2014

After attending Made in Asia last year with an official company booth, figure manufacturer Good Smile Company returned for this year’s edition of the Japanese anime, manga and culture event.

Was lucky to once again get the opportunity to work together with the Good Smile Company crew for their second visit to a convention in Belgium where they offered fans a selection of figures, nendoroid and figma.

The Good Smile Company booth at Made in Asia 6

Similar to last year, Good Smile Company had several products for sale at their booth in Made in Asia which are only available at conventions and related events, including the nendoroid Snow Miku: Magical Snow version, normally a winter Wonder Festival 2014 exclusive and the nendoroid Asuna: Titania version, an Anime Japan 2014 event release.

There were many other goods available, like figma Miku 2.0, figma Link, figma Armin, figma Snow Miku, nendoroid Mikasa, nendoroid Shizue, nendoroid Mami Tomoe, along with scaled figures like Meruru, Makise Kurisu, Lucy and the impressive Belldandy with Holy Bell.

The Good Smile Company booth at Made in Asia 6

Did notice difference in the various franchises and series that made up this year’s inventory. While Miku figures are ever present along with “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” goods, there were no new figures from the Fate franchise.

Although “Fate/zero” was very well represented last year, it was entirely absent this year, replaced by the recent and popular “Shingeki no Kyojin” series.

Figures on display at the Good Smile Company booth at Made in Asia 6

Am very grateful was able to interact with so many other fans that share a similar passion for Japanese anime, manga and figures.
Being able to play a small part in bringing them their favorite products from a renowned figure manufacturer like Good Smile Company directly at competitive prices was a great experience.

Queue of customes at the Good Smile Company booth at Made in Asia 6

Sincerely hope that Good Smile Company will continue to visit events in Belgium and the rest of Europe, it’s a unique opportunity for fans to have one of Japan’s top figure makers attend conventions here.

Although Kotobukiya does have their official online store KotoEU now, it would be great to see them and other manufacturers like Alter make the jump to Europe too.

Figures on display at the Good Smile Company booth at Made in Asia 6

Were you unable to attend Made in Asia? You can always purchase new releases by Good Smile Company, Max Factory and Phat! directly from the Good Smile Online Shop. Or if you are looking for reliable stores in Belgium, you can try Archonia or La Cité des Nuages.

Unsure if a particular online store or other shop is trustworthy? You can always have a look at the list of partner shops of Good Smile Company on their official website.

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