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Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow 1: Saint-Trond no Raimei

December 22, 2014

Always been a fan of “Strike Witches”. Even though may not be that well versed in the various manga, game, light novel and other incarnations of the “ストライクウィッチーズ” franchise, do adore the anime adaptation, hence was thrilled when the “Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow” OAV was announced.

Taking place between the second anime season and last year’s movie, each volume of the “Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow” OAV will focus on a specific group of the anime’s large cast.


Recently released on BluRay, the first episode titled ‘Saint-Trond no Raimei’ is all about the top aces from Karsland, easily my favorite witches. And this time Minna, Gertrude and Erica are joined by the lovely Heidemarie and Erica’s twin sister Ursula.

Adored this first Strike Witches OAV, studio Silver Link delivers an excellent episode that had all the elements of a typical Strike Witches anime episode with great aerial combat action, but also lots of laughs and an irresistibly cute cast. As if Erica being tsundere and Minna being her usual awesome self wasn’t plenty, we got treated to Gertrude and Heidemarie in maid gear! Oh my!

Can’t wait for the second volume of “Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow” due out early next year.

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