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January 9, 2015

Adapted from the “みりたり!” four panel manga by Mamo Williams, was keen on trying this new military themed comedy, thinking it might be somewhat similar in tone to the absurd yet hilarious “Sabagebu!”.

Unfortunately felt sorely disappointed by the first episode of “Miritari!”. Even if you would look past the crude and unpolished animation, the show alas falls short in all other departments.

Where the juxtaposition of cute characters versus military action worked well in “Cat Shit One”, the chibi-like character design style in “Miritari!” just seems off.


Will not fault the incredulous core plot as there have been other anime with similar stories, but the comedy fails to hit the mark and could not find the characters likable at all.

Perhaps the short episode running time has a negative impact here, though there have been other anime with such short episode running time that succeeded in making their characters likable from the first episode on and also sufficiently fleshed them out, like “Yama no Susume” or “Aiura”.

Cannot recommend this anime to anyone, even to fans of military themed comedies like “Upotte!!” or “Girls und Panzer”.

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