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Princess Jellyfish

April 29, 2015

Based on the “海月姫” manga by Higashimura Akiko, the romantic comedy anime “Kuragehime” or “Princess Jellyfish” originally aired back in 2010. Only watched it recently, following the recommendation of fellow otaku that it was a quirky comedy well worth my time.

“Princess Jellyfish” proved to be a funny comedy full of heartwarming moments, it provided the perfect light entertainment one could wish from the average anime series.

While Kuranosuke, one of the show’s main characters, is a cross-dressing boy, cross-dressing is not really one of this series main themes, but rather the process of transformation and fact one can alter their appearance to become someone else, to use it as a mask or façade to empower one’s self.


There is plenty of comedy that spawns from Kuranosuke’s cross-dressing antics as well as his extreme make-overs of Tsukimi and her NEET friends, yet that humor element is always well balanced with the romantic plot and the more dramatic character backgrounds.

Animation by studio Brain’s Base is mediocre to fair, never really spectacular or anywhere near impressive, luckily the animation style the studio uses does fit the show well, especially considering Kuranosuke’s outlandish and flashy outfits that contrast with the plain and disheveled look of Tsukimi and the other girls at Amamizukan.

If I would fault the series anywhere, it would be for its final episode which lacked any conclusion and failed to wrap up the major plot points. Considering this is a vice of many anime series and that this adaptation was created shortly after the manga began, it’s something most viewers will no doubt be able to live with.

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