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Tamayura ~Graduation Photos~ Part 1

May 1, 2015

Was thrilled to watch the first part of “Tamayura ~Graduation Photos~”, the new four part movie series that will conclude the wonderful and enchanting “Tamayura” franchise story.

This final installment is all about Fuu, Kaoru, Maon and Norie their last year in high school and how the four girls face the important choice of which path to take in their further education, and as such, their future.
The first movie shows us the girls pondering about the future as their third and final year of high school begins. As if such woes and handling two new feisty club members wasn’t enough, Fuu is shaken when she learns that photographer Riho, her inspiration and guidance, will leave Takehara and move to Tokyo.

With such themes and plot elements, this first part had plenty of serious and touching scenes, but as can be expected from this lovely slice-of-life franchise, there were also plenty of heartwarming moments as well as laughter thanks to the introduction of new characters Takumi and Suzune.


Considering this first movie was fifty minutes long, if the remaining three parts are that long too, then this final chapter in the “Tamayura” anime will almost be as if we were getting an entire new anime season.
This makes me quite glad as a slice-of-life series this good that relies heavily on its character development and atmosphere does need to spend sufficient time on its characters to sufficiently pull the viewers into its wonderful world, at which time they will undoubtedly come to adore these lovely girls.

Can’t wait for the second part which is scheduled out in theaters near the end of August.
If you’re looking for a good slice-of-life anime, then I wholeheartedly recommend “Tamayura”, though you best watch the original OVA and first two anime seasons first.

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