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Tamayura ~Graduation Photos~ Part 2

October 21, 2015

With its release on Blu-ray, was able to watch part two of “Tamayura ~Graduation Photos~”, the four part movie series that wraps up the “Tamayura” franchise and shows Fuu, Kaoru, Maon and Norie’s final year in high school year and graduation.

Where the first movie centered around Fuu, this second part was all about Norie and Kaoru. The first half of the near hour long feature focused on Norie, showing how although she previously seemed so certain of the direction she would follow for her future studies and career, she finds herself questioning her own motivation after some harsh remarks from her brother.

The second half of the movie switched focus to Kaoru, showing her burdens when trying to determine where her future lies after realizing that dabbling in pot pourri or perfume scents is merely a hobby.


Takumi and Suzune, the two girls that were introduced as new characters in the previous movie, only appeared in a few scenes this time. Instead, we did get some key scenes with side characters Chimo and Dougou.
Was pleasantly surprised to discover a serious but happy conclusion to the running gag of Dougou’s crush on Chimo. Appreciated even more how they used that small subplot as a believable trigger for Kaoru’s character development in deciding her future career.

What struck me most about this second part of “Tamayura ~Graduation Photos~” was not only the excellent animation and detailing of the main characters in key scenes, but how through clever use of angles, poses as well as their clothing, the show subtly suggests that Kaoru and Norie are becoming adults.

Am curious if the third movie will focus on Maon, considering she does seem to have already decided on her future studies and career.

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