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Slow Start

January 8, 2018

Based on the “スロウスタート” four-panel comedy manga by Tokumi Yuiko, “Slow Start” is a slice-of-life story about a girl who enters high school a year later than her peers, although self-conscious about her age and not knowing anyone at her new school she luckily soon befriends three classmates and the four of them start a fun-filled high school life.

From its first episode it is clear that “Slow Start” will be an endearing show about cute girls living through a blissful school life full of fun and warmth, similar to other slice-of-life series like “Kiniro Mosaic”, “Wakaba*Girl” or “A Channel”. Although there is plenty of comedy, the emphasis is undoubtedly the girls’ friendship and their idyllic every day school life, all represented through rose-coloured glasses.

A staple style in the slice-of-life genre, am aware that such anime may not be to every fan’s taste as its overall style and atmosphere does cater to a slightly different taste compared to slice-of-life shows such as “Yama no Susume” or “Flying Witch” which even though they also feature school girls and friendship, look and feel rather different from “Slow Start”.

The opening episode surprised me, not so much for its classic story or charming yet typical characters but was struck by the splendid, vivid animation by studio A-1 Pictures. Whereas many slice-of-life series feature seemingly simple animation which can be more easily forgiven in this genre, most scenes in this first episode of “Slow Start” saw its characters animated full of life and motion, enhancing the show’s bubbly, cheerful atmosphere.

Sincerely hope they can keep this level up throughout the rest of the season because such terrific animation coupled with sweet characters and a pleasant, blissful atmosphere could propel “Slow Start” past similar shows like “Kiniro Mosaic” or “A Channel” to one of the best slice-o-life series in recent years.

You can watch “Slow Start” on Crunchyroll.

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