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Yuru Camp△

January 12, 2018

Adapting the “ゆるキャン△” manga by Afro into anime, “Yuru Camp△” is a slice-of-life tale of five school friends who enjoy camping in the rustic Japanese countryside surrounding Mt. Fuji.

Was confident that I would adore “Yuru Camp△” as it promised to be the type of slice-of-life anime I enjoy the most, a leisurely show about cute girls doing cute things with Japan’s enchanting countryside being the backdrop and an essential element to create a soothing atmosphere similar to anime like “Yama no Susume” or “Non Non Biyori”.

The first few episodes delivered everything I hoped they would, showcasing the idyllic landscape in rural Japan with charming painted backgrounds boasting a lovely colour palette that enhances the atmosphere. Although there does not seem to be a major overarching plot, the main characters introduced are elaborated on in a natural, believable way and the first episode spends most of its time showing one of the girls spend her day camping.

“Yuru Camp△” started off great and has every indication it could be one of the better slice-of-life anime around, especially its endearing characters promise to delight us with their natural, unassuming charm and marvelous chemistry.
A good example of terrific character building and interaction depicted in a simple, yet believable and contemporary way was the messenger conversation between Rin and Ena in the second episode. Am curious to see if the relationship between stoic Rin and bubbly Nadeshiko will also be more cleverly developed and feel natural or if it will be comparatively predictable.

The character design style and overall animation feel rather simple and plain. Luckily this is not detrimental by itself for such a slice-of-life series as this genre can still provide viewers with a wonderful experience if its other elements such as backgrounds, music, characters and atmosphere are spot on, which they seem to be for “Yuru Camp△”.

If you enjoy slice-of-life anime, then you definitely should check out this new series. Alternatively, if you’re just looking to relax for a bit, this show will undoubtedly be a soothing experience.
You can watch “Yuru Camp△” as “Laid-Back Camp” on Crunchyroll.

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