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Shimada Humikane art works review

March 31, 2009

Had originally pre-ordered the Shimada Humikane Art Works (画集 島田フミカネARTWORKS) book last year at HobbyLink Japan, but alas when the book was released my order went straight into backorder status.

Having waited a few months, I started looking for the book at other online shops, although it seemed sold out nearly everywhere, found one in stock at J-List last week so I seized the opportunity.


To my surprise the book already arrived yesterday and I’m quite happy to have gotten it as it’s a great artbook full with terrific illustrations by artist Shimada Humikane (島田フミカネ), who is best known for his “Strike Witches” art and other mecha musume illustrations.

Shimada Humikane has a very specific and recognizable art style, the coloring in the art has an atmosphere to it as if it were painted, which suits and accentuates the World War II era theme for the “Strike Witches” and mecha musume art.

Although I’m not especially a fan of mecha musume, the whole design and style of the girls from “Strike Witches” really appeals to me, they’re quite cute, lovely styling.

Made a few custom collages of illustrations in the book, so they aren’t grouped in the book the same way you see here.


Terrific image of Miyafuji and Perrine below, liked Perrine a lot in the series, her tsundere attitude and jealousy of Miyafuji was priceless. “Strike Witches” really excelled in making most characters sympathetic or endearing to the viewers, adored all the witches of the 501st.

Also shows how much attention the artist put into rendering the World War II era weapons and fighter planes.


Slightly over 100 pages, the soft cover book is entirely in color and of excellent print quality on good paper.

A nice illustration of Tomoko and Miyafuji having switched outfits with each other. Miyafuji looks a bit funny dressed like that but Tomoko looks adorable, too bad she wasn’t really featured in the anime, like her character design a lot.
Wanted to add one of Lynette too, since she’s not included in that many artworks.


Something I’m not entirely keen on in the book is that even though it includes my favorite “Strike Witches” artworks by Shimada Humikane, some are only rendered as smaller images bundled together on a page instead of getting an entire page spread. But with the excellent print quality, it isn’t that bad.

Loved Sanya in “Strike Witches”, especially adore the illustration on the left, she looks incredibly cute in it. The view of her in action shows she’s a force to be reckoned with though.


The book isn’t limited to “Strike Witches” art only, although “Strike Witches” illustrations take up well over half the page count.

Next to other mecha musume illustrations it features this wonderful artwork of Rider from “Fate/hollow ataraxia” on a two page spread.


There’s also plenty of other mecha musume art that isn’t specifically “Strike Witches” art, but with the typical coloring style and the fashionable use of uniforms it does create a unique feel to the girls.


Truly enjoyed the “Strike Witches” anime and immediately adored the “Strike Witches” art created by Shimada Humikane used in the light novels but also the promotional images, DVD cover art, CD cover art,… for the series, so I’m delighted to have this artbook.

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  1. March 31, 2009 9:28 pm

    Nice get!
    This looks pretty interesting.I took a liking to the SW design aswell.The Rider Artwork is just the top of the cream ^^

  2. April 2, 2009 9:58 am

    This artbook looks great. I’m a big fan of Strike Witches, so this is pretty nice.
    Further, the non-Strike Witches pages are awesome as well. I actually those last three sample pages more.


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