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Strike Witches Yoshika style

November 18, 2010

From artist Kurashima Tomoyasu, perhaps better known as Mappirakku (まっぴーらっく), who created the art for visual novels such as “明日の君と逢うために” (Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni) and “ひとゆめ “ (Hitoyume) also stem these illustrations for “Strike Witches”.

Featured in magazines such as Nyantype, Mappirakku created many artworks of the witches, including this series of images depicting the girls clad in Miyafuji Yoshika’s typical school swimsuit and sailor uniform top.


Lucky for us, able fans took it upon themselves to create clean vector images of the original illustrations and what witch better to start with than Minna, the 501st Joint Fighter Wing’s lovely commander.

Adore her blushing facial expression, Minna is easily one of my favorite characters from “Strike Witches”.


Couldn’t omit the lovely Sanya, who’s not only quite cute but has terrific chemistry with fellow squadron member Eila.

Very much liked the anime series’ subplot pairing her with Eila, their relationship was by far the most explicit yuri relationship so it was great to see enough time spent during the series’ two season run on exploring the bond between these two.


The witches being originally designed by artist Shimada Humikane, one immediately sees Mappirakku’s art style differs quite a bit from Humikane’s.

Do like both artists their unique styles though and am glad we can enjoy seeing the lovely girls from the 501st in these varied styles.


Although absent from other “Strike Witches” works by Mappirakku, do love the addition in this image series of the small naughty Yoshika shadow mascot, most often seen wearing the featured witch’s pantsu or as in the above image, poor Perrine’s pantsu and stockings.


Closing off with this image of Trude, the shy, embarrassed expression seen here of the otherwise dutiful and assertive witch is rather hilarious.

You can always check out the vector illustrations of Lynne, Lucchini, Shirley and Erica at Oreno Imouto.

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  1. November 25, 2010 11:41 am

    From their expression, I can tell that it’s no matter for Elia and Sanya also Minna’s getting used. But Barkhorn… ehmmm it’s difficult. It’s good that Elia is included but

    I demand my Charlotte! xD

  2. November 25, 2010 8:06 pm

    You want Shirley? ^_~
    Here she is:


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