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K-ON! Azusa, Tsumugi and Ritsu albums are out

August 25, 2009

The Character Image Song albums for the three remaining けいおん members, Ritsu, Tsumugi and Azusa have been released. Similar to the previous releases for Yui and Mio, these albums all contain six tracks, comprised of three songs and their respective instrumental versions.

Was struck by the difference in style between the three albums, more palpable with this release than the previous ones of Yui and Mio.


Above illustration is by Kagome (籠目, homepage, Pixiv) from the circle Traumatize.

In line with their different onscreen characters, each album has tracks in a certain musical genre often emphasizing the instrument played by the corresponding character in the series, but the voice actresses also each have a distinct singing style.

Especially the difference between Ritsu and Tsumugi’s albums is striking, not only in musical genre, but Satomi Satou and Minako Kotobuki have quite diverging singing, where Minako Kotobuki (who voices Tsumugi) performs surprisingly well with a broad, carrying voice.

All tracks offer a nice listening experience, from the fast-paced “Girly Storm 疾走 Stick” and eclectic “目指せハッピー100%“ on Ritsu’s album to the ornate pop tunes of “Dear My Keys ~鍵盤の魔法~” and “Humming Bird” on Tsumugi’s album, that seem plucked straight from an idol’s music CD.

Was looking forward the most to Azusa’s Image Song album and upon listening to it for the first time was rather surprised hearing Ayana Taketatsu singing and the songs, it wasn’t what I had though it would be like, though my own expectations could be to blame there.


Above illustration is by Kagome (籠目, homepage, Pixiv) from the circle Traumatize.

Azusa’s album isn’t bad in any way though, warmed up to it after listening to it a few times, though a song like “じゃじゃ馬Way To Go“ seems a bit too eclectic for Azusa’s character.

A recurring track is “Let’s Go”, while a generic poppy tune, it’s a rather catchy song that nicely links all the albums together by being present on every Image Song album, sung by each of the voice actresses in turn.

As to be expected of anime series Image Song album releases, musically they do not particularly excel or strike, but most tracks are nice enough and a worthwhile addition to any “K-ON!” fan’s music collection.

Next slated “K-ON!” release is the “バンドやろーよ!!(バンドスコア)” album due out on September 2nd, a multiple disc release that will also include a “K-ON! Official Band Score” book.

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  1. August 28, 2009 9:59 am

    Those illustrations are really nice. Anyway, I like K-On! music, so this is nice.

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