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Goto-P C76 doujin ‘Houkago Photograph’

September 18, 2009

At Comiket 76, artist Goto-P released a “K-ON!” themed doujin titled “放課後フオトグラフ” (Houkago Photograph) which I previously acquired through Yahoo! Auction Japan together with some other C76 releases.

Decided to label it as a doujin since the page count is fairly low at only 20 pages, which would be the book’s only real flaw.


Featuring full color illustrations front to back, each page holds great illustrations of the けいおん girls in Goto-P’s typical painting-like art style.

Didn’t have any books yet by Goto-P but have always liked his illustrations, especially mix of anime styled and realistic art in how he renders cute girls with that brush stroke soft and subdued colored style.

One of the best illustrations is this one of Mio in her black bikini from the first beach side fun episode of the “K-ON!” anime series.


Adore how Goto-P manages to perfectly blend together a sensual and enticing atmosphere with Mio’s bikini clad body but thanks to the more realistic coloring scheme and shading style, the added effect of realism still makes it more tasteful than many illustrations of other artists that rendered her in that attire.

To boot, Goto-P captured Mio’s でれでれ facial expression just perfectly. 萌え萌えキュン!


Love the summer atmosphere in the image, that bright smile and enthusiastic wink, such life and joy emanating from this particular artwork.

There’s not that many great artworks of Ritsu out there, she seems to have been the least popular light music club member, but Goto-P easily makes up for that with this stunning illustration of a happy-go-lucky Ritsu. Quite a few others of Ritsu in the book too.


Another nice illustration, this time of Yui and Tsumugi.

While looking over the book itself as I type this, taking in all the details of the various illustrations, am really glad I got it as it’s a terrific book.

When the auction for it ended at a higher price I had first thought of spending on it, wasn’t sure if it was worth the purchase but Goto-P’s art of the “K-ON!” girls is amazing.


Looking at these illustrations my enthusiasm about such anime art always fills me with a joy and lust for life, really fantastic that one can find such joy in life through this anime art you can immerse yourself in.

A shame Azusa isn’t featured in any of the artworks in this ‘Houkago Photograph’ art doujin, with her being a younger character I’m sure she would have looked incredibly cute rendered by Goto-P.


There are more atmosphere oriented images as well in the doujin, especially for Yui there’s some great artistic images. Wish I could show more but you can always check out Goto-P’s homepage or view the scans of this doujin at moe imouto.

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