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Kyouko & Yoko, Dollfie Dream photos

July 20, 2011

With the summer anime season having started, published several anime series preview blog posts, so alternating with a Dollfie Dream photography centric post is undoubtedly a welcome change.

Time to showcase some of my favorite shots from three recent series of photos, some of Kyouko and Hydrangea, some Yoko and Kyouko together and a few of Yoko illuminated by the early morning sun.

Kyouko and purple Hydrangea

Quite satisfied with this particular shot of Kyouko and some lovely purple hue Hydrangea flowers.

A side-lit shot where Kyouko’s facial features rest in the shadows from the bright sunlight and the background flowers are more overexposed, it came out well has a nice color palette.

Welcoming the day

Spotted an area where around seven in the morning the sun shone through the gaps of the rolling shutters while putting them up, thought it’d make a nice location for some Dollfie Dream snapshots so grabbed my camera and set Yoko in a simple pose.


Nice contrast of the light and shadow pattern created here for Yoko & Kyouko by some Venetian blinds compared to the earlier photo of Yoko with light pouring in through the rolling shutters.

Kyouko and flowers

Posing Kyouko in the sunlight in this shot, the contrast between the hard light and deep shadows is very harsh.

Sisters, together

Must order some Volks Wig Oil as my bottle of this excellent wig care product is running low, especially considering I tend to use it every two weeks to maintain the wigs. It is quite efficient in keeping a good shine on the wigs and helps prevent too much dust settling on the wigs.

Only Yoko

Thanks to her shapely DDDy body type curves, Yoko looks good in this Dollmore sleeveless shirt which didn’t fit well at all on Shizuko’s M bust DDII body.

You can see more Dollfie Dream photography on my Flickr page.

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  1. July 23, 2011 2:05 pm

    Love the second to last shot, and love the black red plaid skirt! Great photos!!

  2. July 23, 2011 9:45 pm

    Thanks! Glad you like them. ^^

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