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Amagi Brilliant Park

December 15, 2014

Had not intended to pick up “Amagi Brilliant Park”, the anime adaptation of the light novel series “甘城ブリリアントパーク” written by Gatoh Shoji, when originally going over the autumn season line-up.

The series synopsis of a high school boy being forced to manage an amusement park staffed by creatures from a magical realm simply did not appeal to me. However, after being disappointed by many of the other fall anime, decided to give this show a try.

With the “Amagi Brilliant Park” season’s finale not far away, must admit that this has been one of my favorite autumn anime. Not only because of its solid production values and terrific animation -as expected of Kyoto Animation- but it is one of the few anime this season where each episode has been excellent in every aspect.


Compared to several autumn anime that started strong or had one or more terrific elements in it but too quickly dropped in quality, “Amagi Brilliant Park” excelled thanks to keeping the same quality all throughout, not only in terms of animation but also story telling, pacing, character interaction.

Although most plot events are predictable and its large cast means not each character gets the same depth or exposition, there is little to really fault this series, it offered surprisingly interesting characters of which several broke out of the usual clear cut character trope templates.

Even though Sento is simply adorable, I have a sweet spot for lovely Ashe, that office lady look is just too irresistible.
Definitely recommend “Amagi Brilliant Park” to those of you looking for a good anime with lots of laughs and an entertaining story.

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