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Heavy Object

November 9, 2015

One of the mecha action series was keen on watching this autumn season is “Heavy Object”, the anime adaptation of the “ヘヴィーオブジェクト” light novels written by Kamachi Kazuma that tells the tale of several soldiers sent on guerrilla suicide missions in a future where conventional warfare has been replaced by battles between large war machines.

Watched the first few episodes and was unfortunately disappointed by “Heavy Object”, hence decided I will not watch the rest. The overall production values by studio JC Staff are quite decent and while this anime is pretty standard, being comprised of the typical mecha action genre’s staple elements, decided to drop “Heavy Object” mostly for a different reason.


The usual technobabble and plot inconsistencies aside, “Heavy Object” disappointed me because it tries to front military action and tactical special operation actions but horrendously fails at creating any suspension of disbelief due to the incredulous nature of its battles.

While in the typical shounen hero anime this would not be so much of an issue, I simply cannot overlook it in a mecha series that tries to be serious about its recurring plot of two main characters going on suicide operations and guerrilla missions to sabotage large structures or weapons.

Even the worst tactical shooter video games on easy level dare not have such ridiculous and unbelievable infiltration or sabotage missions, such is the unrealistic nature of the battles Qwenthir and Havia get into as pseudo special forces.

If you do like mecha series you might want to give this anime a try, but be prepared for some ridiculous battle scenes.

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