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Haruchika: Haruta to Chika wa Sheishun Suru

January 29, 2016

Was interested in watching “Haruchika: Haruta to Chika wa Sheishun Suru”, the anime adaptation of the “ハルチカ” novel series written by Hatsuno Sei, because the promotional video looked promising and its plot setting of two childhood friends being reunited in high school after joining the wind ensemble club suggested it might be similar to “Hibike! Euphonium”.

Unfortunately, was not aware the original novels this anime is based on are actually mystery novels and that its mystery and detective genre would be so prevalent over the school slice-of-life element.

Each episode of “Haruchika” revolves around Chika and Haruta getting involved in solving some kind of mystery. While a similar series “Hyouka” also revolved around serious events or deeper character interactions or emotions, can’t recall that it felt as dark as “Haruchika” sometimes does. For some reason its episodes feel more grim.


Surprised myself by feeling as such after watching the first few episodes because there is plenty of color in the show. Main lead Chika is lively, expressive and quite the tomboy, regardless of her attempts to appear girly, which makes her rather entertaining to watch.

Animation by P.A. Works is good, the studio’s style is recognizable but visually “Haruchika” just feels different enough from their previous work on “Charlotte” and “Shirobako”. Some of the key scenes where they animate the wind ensemble instruments were well done, although they likely will not reach the level Kyoto Animation achieved in “Hibike! Euphonium”.
This makes sense though, as the instruments are not the primary theme in “Haruchika”, but the music club is merely a setting.

Might watch this anime someday in the future, after it has finished airing, but right now it has not appealed to me enough to want to pick it up watch it every week.

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