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Kantoku C89 doujin ‘Underwear Party’

August 17, 2016

The summer edition of Comiket was held this past weekend and among the many artists and circles that offered their latest releases, Kantoku from ‘Afterschool of the 5th Year’ published the ‘Underwear Party’ doujin.

This C90 release is not like the omnibus Kantoku published for C89, but a more typical release like the ”Check My Idol’ and ‘Check in Summer’ books, a 24 page doujin featuring several full-page images, pages composed of smaller illustrations showcasing the book’s theme, and concluding with a few pages of black & white line art.


Following the theme from the ‘Panty x Panty′ doujin Kantoku published earlier this year for Comic1☆10, this new release too is all about underwear. Or rather, it is all about cute girls in underwear, drawn in Kantoku’s typical art style that while sexy still manages to make them look irresistibly cute, innocent even.


There is a nice illustration in the book of Kantoku’s two new mascot girls, but was not very keen on it compared to the artworks included in ‘Panty x Panty’ that these two featured in.

Instead, I favour above image of Shizuku who looks simply adorable, especially with those braids. Is that not a sight one would love to be greeted by every day when waking up? Breathtaking mountain landscape, gorgeous nature and an irresistibly cute girl…


Next to Shizuku, Kantoku’s other mascot characters adorn the pages, including Shizuku, Umineko, Nagisa,… each showcasing various underwear sets and design styles.

While Kantoku has created explicit art for some products and franchises, do appreciate how these doujin books rarely contain explicit works but successfully combine daring with cute thanks to Kantoku’s design style which is perfectly suited for this whereas artists like Tony Taka for instance gravitate more towards sexy than cute.


If you are interested in acquiring Kantoku’s ‘Underwear Party’ book, you can purchase it online from Toranoana.

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